This testimonial is from a parent who’s son attends our MusiCore after school program:

For those of you that know my kid and I, you know that it has been a long, hard road for my son. I fought for my kid every step of the way–diagnoses, programs, support classes, therapy–you name it, I’ve done it. After I dealt with his education, I decided he needed to be fulfilled. Basically, I wanted to feed his heart and soul. When I read Rock to the Future’s ad in the neighborhood paper, I knew that was the place for Ethan. He had beaten The Beatles: Rock Band in record time, so I knew he had drums in his soul.

I met Jess and Josh at their house after sending them a letter pleading with them to take in my son. I realized they had no experience teaching a kid like Ethan and I was afraid he would be rejected. While the first year was a smidgen tough, at least socially, Ethan developed musically and would talk to other kids.

Fast forward to today and my kid is an amazing drummer, holds a steady B average and is at this very moment at the Vans Warped Tour with his friends …his friends from Rock to the Future!
Jessica and Josh Craft, along with the entire staff at Rock to the Future, have taken young lives and filled them with music. According to Ethan, his life will be music. He has told me that’s what his future holds.

Ethan and I recently did an interview at Rock to the Future. After Ethan was done, I was called up to sit beside him. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Ethan, is it alright for me to talk about autism? I won’t if you don’t want me to.” He said,” it’s alright, Mom, go ahead.”

I want you to really get this—I told them Ethan’s whole story, but then it hit me as it did everyone. Ethan and I just started to cry, and we were soon joined by the other people in the room. Because of Rock to the Future, I know my son has a future filled with friends and music. He will work at a job he will love –something that I’ve worried about for years. Will my boy be alone? How will he go through life? Will he be happy? Will he work and live in the way that we all can? Will he have love? These questions have kept me up for nights. Now, however, I know he’ll be fine. I am not afraid anymore. That’s what every parent wants. That was Rock to the Future’s gift to me.

I can’t begin to describe the moment I had I realized that he’ll be okay. Rock to the Future has given Ethan tools to build a future. He will graduate from high school, he will go to college and he will have what everyone deserves to have in life.

For all you’re doing with our kids, thank you Rock to the Future. ROCK ON!


The following are testimonials from Rock to the Future students:

“When I first joined, there were about ten students. My impression was, ‘whoa, this is amazing. There’s guitars over there, there’s drums over there, there’s a piano over there. I think this is the most amazing place to ever exist.’ And now there’s people on the waiting list…I was this girl who just didn’t know what to do with her life. My mom bought me a guitar when I was 12 and I let it sit in the corner. And then she found Rock to the Future, and now I am able to play all the instruments I want to play.”
-Destinee Mateo (Beaudine High School)


“If you wanna have fun and learn how to play instruments and play with your friends and make your own songs and go to concerts…
you can even do better in school. Come to Rock to the Future, it’s really fun.”
-Reese “the Beast” Levy (Moffet John School)

“I have been in this program for four years and it’s kind of like a second home, actually. My favorite part is that I get to have shows. I’m in the house band and we have so many shows at so many different venues and when I talk about that to people they’re like ‘whoa, you perform there?’ and then you feel like ‘wow, I matter. I’m actually good at something.’ …It’s very fun—I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

-Cheyenne Oxendine (CAPA High School)