Corporate Team Building

Team Build with Music!

Kick it up a notch at your next team outing or planning sessions! Inspire, motivate, and engage staff and board members. No musical experience is required for Rock to the Future’s rockin’ team building sessions. A qualified Rock to the Future instructor will provide all necessary materials and instruments and will lead the session. Contact or 215-302-9633 x700 today to learn more and book your next team building experience!

Team Mission Songwriting

You have a team of rockstars and need a way to get the creative juices flowing. During your next board or staff meeting, planning session, or just as a way to break down boundaries, add a little musical twist!

Rock to the Future’s team songwriting is an exciting way to generate ideas and engage your team. As a group, we will collaborate and create music using digital and actual instruments, create a melody and rhythm, and craft a song from your mission and visions.

1.5 hour long exercise at location of your choosing;

Collaborate, generate, and motivate;

We’ll record the song during the session for you to keep!

Band Experience

This team buildling experience is for up to groups of 10 and takes place on-site at Rock to the Future’s Fishtown location. Playing in a band is really fun but take focus and listening to and working with bands is a necessity! This team building experience is a fun but more intense version where your team will learn, write, and perform together.

Split into groups and receive a beginner instrumental lesson on guitar, piano, drums, or bass guitar. We’ll come back together and work on a song about a topic selected by your team – generally to your business, mission, products, but think outside the box too! Your team will play all instruments and perform together by the end of the team building experience.

3 hour long session at Rock to the Future;

Learn, write, and perform together;

We’ll record the song during the session for you to keep!