Say hello (and goodbye) to our graduating seniors

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June is an exciting and yet bittersweet time at Rock to the Future. It is marked by celebrations of the many accomplishments of our students, and difficult partings as we say goodbye to our four graduating seniors: Destinee, Luna, Regina, and Rhiannon.  We have enjoyed watching them grow over the past few years, not only in their musical abilities but also in their academic performances. We wish them all the best of luck in their post-high school endeavors and look forward to what the future holds for these talented students!

Meet our Seniors!

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has been playing piano and guitar at RTTF since our opening day 5 years ago. When asked what she will miss the most about the program, “I will miss everything the most.  I’ve been here for 5 years and it’s been nice to see the program grow… I’m going to miss coming home from class and going right to Rock to the Future everyday.”  Destinee plans to study psychology at Penn State York this fall.


has been playing the guitar in RTTF’s after school program for the past 2 years.  She said that she is going to miss riding shot-gun in the band van on the way to concerts the most.  She loves live music and local pop-punk band The Wonder Years and Fall Out Boy.  Regina will be studying sound engineering and audio production at The Art Institute of Philadelphia this summer.

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started playing bass with RTTF 4 years ago.  She aims to break the mold and prove that females should and can be accepted in the music industry, specifically in live sound and recording.  Rhiannon will be attending The University of the Arts after graduation for sound engineering.  She also recently started working as a sound engineer at New Leaf Club music venue in Bryn Mawr.


started RTTF as a guitarist this past year after attending our Rock*A*Delphia summer camp.  This past year, she has written incredible songs about materialism and America’s obsession with pop culture.  She is planning to study business at The Community College of Philadelphia to help kick-start her fashion and music business.