Host a Benefit

From throwing a party and donating your ticket sales to passing a bucket around during a concert, there are lots of ways to host a benefit for Rock to the Future. Here are how some of our supporters have hosted benefits for us:


Timing is everything! The Wonder Years donated ticket sales to Rock to the Future during our year-end campaign, helping us reach a $25,000 matching goal.


It's not just musicians- trolley tour company Founding Footsteps is donating proceeds from their Beer and Band Tours to us.


You can support Rock to the Future by selling your swag, like The Dead Milkmen who donated proceeds from their merch sales to us.

Other Ways to Help Rock to the Future


We love when supporters ask friends to donate to us in lieu of gifts for their birthday or anniversary! Just direct them to our donate page or start a fundraiser on Facebook.


You can use social media to fundraise by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Just follow this link and Facebook will guide you to create your fundraiser (check out the Facebook fundraiser tips below).


If music touched the life of a loved one, gifts to Rock to the Future are a meaningful way to share their love of music with the next generation.

If you're interested in hosting a fundraiser for Rock to the Future and would like some help or support, please contact us using the form below or email Alison (at)


Want to create a Facebook fundraiser? You rock! Creating a Facebook fundraiser for Rock to the Future is super seamless. Just click on this link and Facebook will guide you through the process of creating your fundraiser. You can also create a fundraiser on your page- just select Rock to the Future as the charity. When you friends donate, Facebook will send us their donations through Network for Good within a week or two. But creating the fundraiser isn’t all there is to fundraising! Here are some tips to help your fundraiser have the most impact and keep the magic of music in Philly schools.


Your friends want to know why you’re raising money for Rock to the Future. Did music impact you, or someone you care about? Was arts funding reduced or cut in your neighborhood school? Did you see Rock to the Future students rock a community concert? When your friends know why you care, they’re more likely to give.


Not everyone is able to make a donation, but they still want to support you and your cause. By asking your friends to donate and/or share your fundraiser, your message can travel further.


When you post your fundraiser on your wall, the post will show up in your friends’ feeds. You can post the fundraiser on your wall with updates on how the campaign is going, news or stories from Rock to the Future, or to say thank you. You can also invite friends to your fundraiser to spread the word.

You can also link to your fundraiser on other social media platforms, like Snapchat or Twitter, or text the link to your friends. And don’t forget the impact of face-to-face asks! Let your friends, family, and coworkers know why you’re raising money for Rock to the Future, what music means to you, and how they can donate or get involved.


Don’t forget to thank your friends! Whether they donated, shared your fundraiser, or just spent the time to learn more about Rock to the Future, your friends deserve a heartfelt “thank you.”¬†

Why Rock to the Future?

Every year, Rock to the Future provides free and low-cost music programs to over 300 underserved Philadelphia kids and teens. At Rock to the Future, we:

  • Create an environment where kids of all ages and abilities feel confident, safe, and respected enough to perform on stage.

  • Use music education as the foundation for academic, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.

  • Encourage students to discover their own unique voice.

Read about what our students are accomplishing: