Online Learning Resources

Rock to the Future students can rock at home with these free resources. Register for live classes or check out our livestream schedule: Online Classes

Digital music websites let students make beats and songs at home, and help teach songwriting and music theory through experimentation. Get motivated to practice at home with a video tutorial, including videos that teach skills and ideas that are helpful even without an instrument at home. Students can stay on top of school work with academic resources, like learning guides and online games.

Digital Music Websites

Chrome Music Lab - 13 programs that let you write your own song, experiment with beats and sounds, learn chords and more.

Requires: internet connection. Works with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Blokdust - digital synthesizer that lets you create unique tones using shapes that interact with each other. Take the tour when you open the program, and then experiment with the sounds!

Requires: internet connection, desktop or tablet.

Noteflight - compose songs on a traditional sheet music interface. You can layer sounds, experiment with rhythm, and more.

Requires: internet connection. You can register for a free account using your email, Facebook account, or Google account. Works with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Sampulator - create loops and samples using your computer keyboard! This website is very simple and fun, and you can record and playback the loops you make.

Requires: internet connection, computer. A limited demo version is available on the website for tablet and smartphone.

Incredibox - Layer loops and make a beat! Part game, part learning tool, you can explore rhythm and melody.

Requires: internet connection, computer or smartphone.

One Motion Drum Machine - experiment with beats with this digital drum machine. One Motion lets you build beats from simple to complex.

Requires: internet connection. Works with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Groovebox - free app that lets you experiment with synths and drum machines.

Requires: tablet or smartphone with iOS (Apple product).

Video Tutorials

Instrument Lesson Youtube Tutorials - For some of these videos you may prefer to practice with an instrument, but many of these videos can be useful even without an instrument at home. Videos include vocal exercises, and lessons on piano, drums, guitar, and bass guitar.

"Learn Music Theory in 30 Minutes" with Andrew Huang

"How to Write Great Lyrics" with SwiftLessons

Academic Resources

School District of Philadelphia Learning Guides - Learning guides organized by grade and subject. The guides have lessons and activities that follow what students have been learning during the school year.

Paper copies of the English and math learning guides are available at School District of Philadelphia meal pick-up sites.

Elmwood Park Zoo - Zoo School Live - Animal videos from Elmwood Park Zoo. Videos are broadcast on Facebook Live every weekday at 11am, and past videos are on their YouTube page.

WHYY - Free resources, activities, and videos on WHYY, with expanded resources for grades 3-12. Check out the activities at the PBS Learning Media digital classrooom.

Online Learning for Kids - List of free online learning resources from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Civics Resources

With all the news flying around, it can be hard to keep your head. These online resources can help you identify trustworthy news sources, keep centered, and place the news in the context of history and civic structures.

Newsfeed Defenders - a free game to help you identify trusted news sources online.

GoNoodle - free videos with health and wellness activities. Try yoga, learn mindfulness activities, or get health tips you can do at home.

Facing History - free stories about important topics, like racism, immigration, bullying, and human rights. Stories end with questions to spark thought.

Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case - a free game that explores primary sources: "Play as Jo Wilder, a scrappy girl who spends her days with her pet badger Teddy and her grandpa, a historian. When some mysterious artifacts show up at the History Museum, you must unravel the clues to find the real stories behind the artifacts."

Other Resources and Information