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Rock to the Future is now providing online programs! Our new virtual programs keep youth connected, creative, and engaged from home and are available for grades 3 – 12. Students will be given an instrument and all supplies needed to join, no experience is necessary, there is no cost, and we can provide assistance with technology training and needs. A final showcase at the end of the semester will celebrate students talents, creations, and achievements.

Call 215-302-9633 x720 or email if you need help or have questions. Check out this Youtube video that walks you through signing up for classes.

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Students do not need any experience to join instrument classes. There are also many classes that do not require an instrument. If you need an instrument, Rock to the Future will provide you with one. If you do not have experience, you must first take the "foundation" level class for your instrument of choice (with the exception of drums). If you have experience outside of Rock to the Future and register for a non-foundation class, someone will follow up with you regarding your prior experience.

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Learn more about one-on-one virtual academic and music help.

Instrument lessons - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano
Foundation and more experienced classes. All instrument classes require a working, tuned instrument to participate. We can provide an instrument at no cost if you need one to play at home - just notify us when you enroll! Try the free app GuitarTuna to tune your guitar or bass guitar. Grades 7 – 12, Piano available for grades 3 - 6

Learn to play the ukulele - a smaller-sized string instrument that's fun to play! Requires a working, tuned ukulele to participate. We can provide a ukulele at no cost if you need one to play at home - just notify us when you enroll! Try the free app GuitarTuna to tune your ukulele. Grades 3 – 6

Get out your drumsticks! Build up the basics of playing drums. You will need a pair of drumsticks and a surface to work on your skills. Grades 7 – 12

Remix popular songs selected by students using Soundtrap, an online digital audio platform. Manipulate the sound of various instruments, create drum loops, and make your own version of popular songs. Grades 3 – 6

Improve your voice and singing technique through proper breathing, posture, tone production, intonation, diction, phrasing, and ear training. Grades 3 – 6 and 7 – 12

Music and Lyrics
Read, listen to, and talk about song lyrics and how they express ideas and emotions. We will write our own song lyrics and learn to express ourselves! Grades 3 – 6

Hip Hop
Become a HipHop artist and write your own rhymes and learn to rap and cypher. Grades 7 – 12

Power of Songwriting
Learn about the impact of protest music and write your own protest songs with your music track on Soundtrap, an online digital audio platform. Grades 7 – 12

Music and Art
Explore the relationship between music and art and learn to design band posters, merch, and more through handwritten illustration and graphic design. Grades 7 – 12

Game Design + Music Creation
Learn to create a video game and create original music for the game. Grades 7 – 12

Creating Music with a Computer
Fundamentals of music production: make beats and drum loops, learn songwriting elements, create melodies in a variety of instruments and your own original music. Grades 7 – 12

Create with Pro Musicians (Half-semester, 5 weeks)
Collaborate with a professional Philly musician to create a song together. Grades 7 – 12

Learn the Music Biz (Half-semester, 5 weeks)
Promote yourself as an artist as you learn how to book shows and tours, develop your artist image, and other insides of the music business. Grades 7 – 12

Teen Council
Be an advocate for change! Teens meet to discuss Rock to the Future program needs and changes, identify their communities' needs and solutions, and support Rock to the Future concerts, showcases, and other events. Grades 7 – 12

Ready for the Future Club (High School)
Follow the Philadelphia Future’s curriculum and online module program for career exposure; application and scholarship help; and charting your course for for college, trade school, or other professional plans. Participate in Q&A sessions with visiting professionals and learn how they found success in their careers. Grades 9 – 12

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