Unique Musical “Go Phone Yourself” from Local Adam Janos

Although this isn’t related to Rock to the Future, I thought I should let everyone know about this great local musical I saw at World Cafe Live this past Sunday! Support local musicians!

Written by Adam Janos (Philadelphia/NYC), “Go Phone Yourself” is a witty, modern musical about relationships and love. Nearly the entire musical takes place inside of a gutted upright piano that opens from the top and has a window in the front. And while most plays request you shut off your cell phone during the performance, “Go Phone Yourself” requests you text/call-in anecdotes, descriptive nouns, and information from your past relationships so that each performance is tailored for the current audience.
Featuring: Adam Janos/piano, Mary Beth Alexander/violin and vocals, Joel Clark/male lead/guitar, and Anita Britteau/female lead/vocals. Directed by Gabriel Harrell.

I apologize for the dark footage! Check out our YouTube page for more videos from the production!


Did you miss the Danger Danger Benefit??

This past Saturday we raised over $500 at the benefit show at Danger Danger Gallery! Thanks to The Deli Magazine for presenting the event, the bands (Algernon Cadwallader, Conversations with Enemies, Power Animal, and Hop Along) for playing, and all the amazing people who came out!

Such an incredible night! Don’t miss the next one on May 14th at Circle of Hope!


Rock to the Future Movie Trailer!

Check out the trailer for the Rock to the Future movie! The 15 minute long movie will be released very, very soon (hopefully by the beginning of May!).

See what Rock to the Future is all about!