Music education fosters success in academics and in life!

In the weeks leading up to the New Year, the staff of Rock to the Future were brainstorming new ways to showcase the amazing benefits of music education. The #rocktoMYfuture hashtag was created to showcase how music education affects the lives of children for the better and helps them succeed later in life, no matter what career they select.

In mid-January we began sharing old photos of our staff and volunteers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the #rocktoMYfuture hashtag. In the following weeks we moved on to student photos and their future career aspirations. Below are just a few examples of how music education can inspire youth to work hard and achieve their full potential!

To get the students thinking about the future, we asked them what their #1 career choice is as of right now. Here are their responses:

Rock to the Future’s program encourages students to work hard and set goals -musical or otherwise! Regina has been inspired by the program to pursue music and singing in the future.

Learning music can drastically improve spatial intelligence, the the ability to perceive the world accurately and form mental pictures. This skill will come in handy for Jaden and his future clients in his future real estate career.

Rock to the Future aims to enrich the artistic spirit of every student! Richard is very interested in visual and performing arts and hopes to pursue a variety of subjects in the future!

Learning music develops a sense of craftsmanship and the ability to accept constructive criticism; students learn how to critique their own work as well. Riorden hopes to utilize these skills he learns at Rock to the Future as a successful novelist!

Music and art programs foster an interest in culture and give students the opportunity to see how culture and art are related. Sanaayah has developed an interest anthropology, the study of humanity and culture, and hopes to be a forensic anthropologist in the future!

By studying music and the arts, students exercise their creative skills and learn to think outside the box. Natalia has already started using these skills on Youtube, and hopes to someday produce videos as a career.

Rock to the Future encourages students to explore a variety of career options, although we love it when the program inspires students to pursue music! Jamiyah sees singing in her future!

Learning an instrument exercises a student’s memory; memorization skills are very helpful in academics and beyond! Lewis hopes to be a zoologist in the future and will need to remember countless scientific names for animals!

Studies have shown that students who study music display improved math skills. Music theory includes several mathematical elements and involves using multiple cognitive processes simultaneously. As a future aerospace engineer, Gerry will need to take rigorous math courses in college.

Jenna hopes to be a vet tech or fashion designer. Through music, Jenna motivates herself to work hard at everything she does!

Zylan has been inspired to pursue music, rock music of course! He is currently part of a band and is well on his way to achieving rockstar status!

Our staff and volunteers demonstrate how music education and supportive environments can lead to a successful future. One week we featured (from left to right) board members Levi and Bill, and volunteer Adam.


Levi had the opportunity to learn an instrument in a supportive environment, and as a result he developed a great appreciation for music and art. Today, he is the Director of Business Operations for The Center for Art in Wood, as well as a RTTF board member.


Pictured above is Bill Mecaugey (a RTTF board member) at age 15, recording on an old-school reel-to-reel. Today, Bill has a successful career in business and finance, and continues his love of music by supporting Rock to the Future and our mission to provide free music education to the next generation!


Pictured on the bottom right is our own Adam Rivera with his family Growing up, Adam had big dreams of becoming a musician and he has certainly achieved them. Adam has has worked as both a volunteer and staff member for Rock to the Future and has proved to be a vital asset to our program.

Jessica and Josh Craft, our Founding Executive Director and Program Director, respectively.

Howdy Partner! Believe it or not, this is our very own Program Director, Josh Craft! Josh participated in music and theatre programs as a kid, and developed a passion for teaching performing arts. Today, he organizes the musical aspects of our program, and insures the program is as fun as it is educational.

Pictured on the right with her sisters is our very own Founding Executive Director, Jessica Craft. Growing up, Jess and her sisters were involved in music programs, marching band, and drumline. Now she leads the charge in the fight to keep music education available to all of Philly’s youth!