Help philly students rock!

What's it like to volunteer at Rock to the Future? Volunteer Scott wrote a guest blog post about his experience with us. Here is an excerpt:

"I love seeing how beneficial the program is for our students. They grow tremendously as musicians, learning to play a variety of instruments, as well as working on their songwriting skills. And they get the experience of playing in bands with other musicians, which has a transformative effect on their beliefs about what is possible for them to accomplish with music, as well as on their ability to collaborate with others. The students get better so much faster by playing music with other people."

Academic, Music, and Mentoring Support

Rock to the Future is currently looking for in-person volunteers for academic, music, and mentoring support. We prefer volunteers who can commit to a regular schedule, with a time commitment anywhere from once a month to several days a week. All volunteers who work with students must complete PA background and child abuse checks, which are free and may be completed online. You do not need complete background checks to attend a volunteer orientation to find out more information about volunteering with us.

We are looking for people to help with:

  • Academic help like math (calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, general math), English, reading, writing, language, social studies / history, science (biology, chemistry, physics, general science), AP test prep, and more
  • Music help on guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, theory, recording, production, business, and more
  • Mentor help with setting goals, career exposure, getting organized, finding resources and jobs, and more

Register for an upcoming volunteer orientation session below or email our Operations Manager, Daniel Lord at Daniel [at] RocktotheFuture.org for more information


Engagement Committee

This committee supports Rock to the Future by providing ideas and support for a variety of events, fundraisers, and promotional opportunities. Committee members volunteer at Rock to the Future's events and student performances, brainstorm sources of promotion and exposure for Rock to the Future, help us talk to interested new students and families at community events, help us connect with new partners and organizations, and act as our "street team." This committee meets every month (usually the first Wednesday), either online or at Rock to the Future's office in Kensington.

Interested in joining the Engagement Committee? Sign up for an upcoming meeting or email Christine [at] RocktotheFuture.org with any questions.

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