Rock to the Future provides exciting in-school, after school, and summer programs.

  • No cost for Philadelphia children and teens
  • We provide the instruments and supplies
  • No auditions - beginners welcome
  • Some programs include academic help, internships, meals, transportation, and other resources and services

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Rock to the Future's MusiCore After School program combines exciting music opportunities, instrumental instruction, peer collaboration, and live performance with academic and education support.

  • No cost to participate
  • Grades 6 - 12
  • No experience necessary and we provide all instruments
  • Transportation passes provided
  • Meals provided
  • Must reside in Philadelphia
  • Must commit to attending twice weekly for the school year and two weeks in the summer

At MusiCore, our students:

  • Receive group music lessons on guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard
  • Have band practice with peers to write original music
  • Learn to produce and record music, practice stage technical skills, learn music foundations, and receive vocal training
  • Perform at professional Philadelphia venues
  • Record at professional studios
  • Receive homework help and tutoring
  • Receive help with the high school selection process, college and trade school application help, financial aid help, and other life skills through the Ready for the Future club.
  • Have paid internship and skill development opportunities
  • Receive support with resources like housing, food, and mental and physical health

Kensington: MusiCore

For grades 6 - 12 at Kensington High School on Mondays and Wednesdays from after school until 6pm.

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Germantown: MusiCore

For grades 6 - 12 at Roosevelt Elementary/Middle School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from after school until 6pm.

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MobileMusic provides weekly, 1-hour music classes during school, after school, and during the summer at school locations and partner sites. Each class hosts 10 - 30 students, and offerings include instruction on guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, choral ensemble, and music production. We serve students K-12 in continuous classes that build upon the skills taught each week. Every class concludes with a culminating performance that showcases students' growth and talent. Students in MobileMusic are also able to sign up for additional programs including MusiCore and MusiCommunity. Partner locations select the type of programs they would like to offer based on feedback from their participants. Over 800 students participate annually in our MobileMusic programs. Current MobileMusic partners include both public and parochial schools as well as other partner sites.

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MusiCommunity provides exciting, year-round music programming in critical out-of-school (OST) hours at accessible community locations while also providing youth with connection to essential resources. Students have the chance to participate in exciting music classes weekly like learning piano, music production and songwriting, or to create concerts and produce events. Each class is 1-hour long and hosts up to 15 teens ages 13 - 19. Our community music programs are hosted in partnership with community organizations that offer other support opportunities to ensure youth are receiving a well-rounded, holistic experience. In addition, our specialized team member provides resource support if youth have additional needs. Youth are provided with meals, transportation passes, a welcome and hygiene kit, and Rock to the Future tee shirt to eliminate barriers to participation and support community building. Programs operate in 12 weeks sessions, with a culminating community performance or youth-led open mic in the last week to showcase the talents and growth of youth. 

Fun fact! In 2023, Rock to the Future worked with As I Plan This Seed teens to create a student-led recording studio. The studio is also available to youth and the community outside of Rock to the Future held weekly music production and recording classes.


Rock to the Future serves youth who are currently incarcerated and in intervention programs. We use music as a means to support peer relationships through collaboration, heal from trauma through self-expression and original songwriting, build pride and self-efficacy through live-performance, support professional pathways through technical skill development, and suppport the re-entry process into our holistic community locations to support life-long well-being. Our primary partners are the Juvenile Justice Services Center (serving youth in incarceration) and the Juvenile Justice Center - Intensive Prevention Services (serving youth in intervention). Learn more about our justice programs. 

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