Rock*A*Delphia Summer Camp 2014

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“Walking through the doors of Rock to the Future’s Rock-A-Delphia Summer Camp was both overwhelming, and exciting. Overwhelming because, well, I was five minutes late, and it was my first time volunteering at the summer camp. Exciting because I knew these teens were talented, and ready to learn. I was also excited to be helping with bass lessons. Although, my schedule was changed, and I was supposed to help with drum lessons. “I don’t know how to play drums! I don’t even have rhythm!” I said to myself. I followed the instructor, and the students to where we were going to be playing drums. Nervous, I set up the iPad, and listened in to what the instructor was saying. He taught them the basic rock beat, then continued on with drum fills. To finish his lesson, he gave the drummers certain sections to play for a group song (one drummer on the snare and bass drum, one on the high-hat, another on the floor tom, etc.). Now, my second day on the job, I know more about playing drums than I did before, and the students can play through the whole group song with little to no mistakes!” – Destinee, 17 volunteer from MusiCore after school program

“This summer’s Rock-A-Delphia’s summer camp has officially begun! Twenty kids and teenagers from ages 13-17 came out from various parts of the city to come and have fun! So far, over the course of these last few days the kids have done many activities together such as decorated their guitar straps, paint their drum sticks and make banners for their pianos and play games in the morning. They also practiced their instrument of interest. These instruments consist of guitar (bass guitar, acoustic guitar), piano, and drums.

The kids are broken up into four bands in which they create song lyrics and come up with a melody for it in order to make a song.

Lessons go well for the kids because they learn pretty fast and well and they love what they’re doing. They are very energetic and that makes the flow of the program so much easier.

Right now, we’re preparing for the showcase on Friday so that the kids can play in front of their parents and friends. We’re really excited!” -Lynn, WorkReady summer intern