Alexus Keeps On Shining

You would never guess that when Alexus joined MusiCore five years ago, she was painfully shy. Now, you can find Alexus onstage with the RTTF House Band, singing center stage.

Alexus was always interested in music. Hearing a variety of music as a child sparked a love of “all kinds of music” that Alexus still has today.

Unfortunately, Alexus had a hard time developing that love – she didn’t have a music class in school. When her mom found Rock to the Future, she knew it would be a great fit and signed Alexus up for MusiCore. Now, Alexus looks forward to learning new songs after school. Her challenge piece for piano is Antidote by Faith Marie: “It’s a really nice song. It’s all piano, with complicated rhythms and time signature changes.”

Alexus hasn’t just grown as a musician – the once-shy Alexus is now outgoing, confident, and irrepressible.

“I’m most proud of how I’ve grown socially, and as a person… When I came to the program, I was very shy. I was very shy, and I was very quiet. I had a lot of trouble making friends, but being here helped me get over it. It helped me become more confident – I never would have performed on a stage! And I’ve made lots of friends.” Alexus

Alexus wants to give other students the opportunities she had. The 12th grader is in the middle of college application season, and she’s applying to colleges that are known for their music education programs. “I know I love learning about music. I want to give music education to kids. I think it would help a lot of kids in the situation I was in – being shy and quiet, and not being able to open up. I think I would be a really good music teacher!”

Alexus’s story is inspiring – she really is a RockStar! If you want to support students like Alexus, donate to RTTF and give the gift of music.