Ready for the Future Club

"Rock to the Future made college a priority. They encouraged me to start somewhere and to keep the ball rolling after high school." - Destiny C.

Rock to the Future's Ready for the Future club supports high school students on their path to professional plans after high school through college and trade school readiness. Whether it be music, medicine, business, skilled trades, or other goals, we are here to help you reach your dreams. If you need a computer or internet access to participate in the weekly virtual club, please contact or call 215-302-9633.

The Ready for the Future Club meets weekly (virtually during COVID-19) and is open to students in 9 - 12 grade. Since our beginning, 100% of students from our after school programs have pursued post-secondary education.

In the club you will:

  • Visit Philadelphia area colleges and trades schools (virtually during COVID-19)
  • Explore career options based off of your passions and goals
  • Have regular guest presenters to learn about careers. Past speakers have included entrepreneurs, EMTs, lawyers, music industry professionals, and more.
  • Apply for colleges and trade school
  • Learn to write a resume
  • Write scholarship applications and apply for scholarships
  • Apply for financial aid and learn how to make college and/or trade school affordable

Graduating seniors from the Ready for the Future Club who are pursuing post-secondary plans (college or trade school) also:

  • Can apply for the Rock to the Future Higher Education Scholarship Fund to receive a scholarship between $250 - 1,500 to help with college and trade school costs
  • Receive a laptop

If you need help or have questions, please contact