Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Our Community and our Goals

Target Population


Children and Youth

● Increase musical knowledge and playing proficiency

● Increase social and emotional skills

● Increase executive functioning skills

● Increase in academic confidence

● Increase leadership skills

● Increase in college readiness

● Increase in workplace readiness

● Improved mental health and well being

● Increase in school climate and school pride at the schools we operate


● Increase in family connectedness

● Increase guardian engagement

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Governance: Our Board is local, engaged, and committed. Their wide diversity of skills guide the organization to ensure continued effectiveness and growth.
  • Staff: The small but knowledgeable and engaged staff provide individual attention and build relationships with children and youth. Program team members receive extensive job training and ongoing professional development related to trauma informed approaches, differentiated learning, cultural competencies, and restorative practices. 
  • Programs: Unlike some competitors, our programs:
    • Are free and located directly in the communities they serve
    • Do not require experience or instrument ownership
    • Are focused around modern band programming and original song-writing 
    • Emphasize social and emotional learning and academic confidence through the vehicle of music 
  • Location: Sites are place-based, specifically located in numerous under-resourced schools and partner locations, providing access to children from the neighborhoods in Kensington and Germantown and youth throughout Philadelphia.

Moving Forward 

We will enhance each of our following core competencies:

  • Programs & Services: We will address the needs of children and youth through our school-based, out-of-school time, summer camp, and online programs by enhancing our programs to further engage students and guardians, improving our evaluation process to better demonstrate impact, and utilize partner relationships. 
  • Governance: We will continue to strengthen our Board of Directors by enhancing systems to recruit individuals with diverse perspectives, orient, and mentor members to help the Board evolve its fundraising and strategic governance role.
  • Human Resources: We will strengthen human resources operations by enhancing systems to recruit, orient, and mentor staff, improving policies, and centralizing human resources under one role. 
  • Resource Development: We will develop a comprehensive fundraising plan with measurable outcomes that enhances and diversifies funding streams; the plan will include revenue from government, foundations, corporations, individual donors, and special events. 
  • Financial Management: We will review our budgeting/accounting systems and enhance our budgeting process to allocate reserves. 
  • Communications: We will raise our organizational profile by developing a marketing plan that segments markets, messages and media, and clearly speaks to Rock to the Future’s identity.
  • Facilities: We will improve facilities in both Kensington and Germantown through collaboration with school administrations and local communities to support optimal teaching and learning environments. 
  • Technology: We will develop a technology plan that includes an inventory of current and future software and hardware needs, as well as protocols to ensure the security and maintenance of all hardware and electronic files/documents. 
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