Bringing music to Philadelphia schools

"Music can be a game changer for students."

Rock to the Future’s in-school, after-school, and summer programs use music as the foundation for kids and teens to learn life skills that help them grow. Studies show that music education is not only a positive outlet for emotion, but also improves executive functions (memory, organization, planning, and self-monitoring) which build academic confidence and self-esteem.


“Music can be a game changer for students. For students who tend to be stigmatized because of the name of their school, being highlighted in positive ways is new. Rock to the Future has allowed our students to shine in the best ways possible. Their approach to music, education, and community-building is beautiful. They have laid roots in our school and formed a relationship with our students and staff through music. Our students look forward to the program every day, and I look forward to growing together!”

-Lauren Murphy-Sands, Vice Principal of Kensington High School

At Rock to the Future, we see the impact that music programs have for our students every day. Unfortunately, it can be hard for families in Philadelphia to find accessible, high-quality music programs in their neighborhoods. That's why we provide our programs for free. All students deserve the opportunity to express themselves creatively, jam with their friends, and grow in self-confidence by taking the stage.


This year at Rock to the Future:
  • Rock to the Future operates the MobileMusic program in six Philadelphia schools, providing music programs to over 200 students during the school day that otherwise had their school's funding for music programs reduced or cut.

  • This year, Rock*A*Delphia student bands wrote original songs together, and had their tracks professionally recorded at Miner Street Studios. Give their songs a listen on our Bandcamp! Both summer camps are free for underserved Philadelphia kids and teens.

  • The MusiCore After School program serves over 70 students in grades 4-12, with locations in Kensington and Germantown. Since our founding in 2010, 100% of 12th grade graduates of MusiCore After School have gone on to postsecondary education, like college or trade school.

  • We want our staff to grow along with our programs. Our staff and teachers are trained in trauma informed practices, classroom management, and other mentoring skills. Our staff builds a support system for students’ social and emotional development that allows kids to try new things in a safe space.

  • The MusiCore After School program recently received multi-year funding through the city of Philadelphia's Department of Human Services. Rock to the Future was honored to be recognized as one of only eight specialized service providers to be awarded funding for our out-of-school-time programs.

  • Student bands had unique experiences with music industry professionals. The Student House Band wrote and recorded an original song with the Weathervane Music Organization. Student bands performed with CVGEBIRD, Chill Moody, Julia Rainer, and Shane Henderson at the Music for All Ball.

Every time a Rock to the Future student masters a new drum beat, aces their biology homework, captures their feelings with song lyrics, or strengthens a friendship, Rock to the Future thrives. Whether a student learns after school, during the school day, or over the summer, Rock to the Future students learn that being a rock star requires dedication, practice, and hard work. Your support helps Philadelphia students to succeed on every stage.

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