Donate an Instrument

We are currently receiving a large amount of donation requests. although we try to give a response with in a week, it may take longer for us to get back to you. Thank you for your patience. 


Each year, we place hundreds of instruments into the hands of Philadelphia youth. Your donated instruments help us to provide students with take-home instruments to practice on and our schools and program partners with instruments for our program spaces and music rooms.

Our Wish List includes:

  • Instruments: guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, drum sets. We also collect brass, woodwind, and string instruments to donate through Hungry for Music. Due to space limitations, we are unable to accept upright pianos.
  • Accessories: pocket amps, tuners, guitar straps and picks, guitar and bass strings, ¼” and ⅛” headphones, string cutters/winders, music stands, drumsticks, batteries (9V, AAA, AA, C, D)
  • Other: office supplies, mobile hotspot devices, stationary, art kits, paper, card games, board games, laptops, tablets, Mp3 players, desks

If your potential donation is not on this list, we may still need it! Feel free to reach out with details using the form below if you have questions.

Please fill out the form below to coordinate your instrument donation. Chief Music Officer Josh Craft will be in touch with you within two weeks.

Some people are experiencing issues with this form. If Josh hasn't contacted you within two weeks, please contact him by email at Josh [at] or phone at 215-302-9633 x710.

Needed for us to mail you your tax receipt.
Please list all items you are donating and their estimated value. Example - Blue Fender Stratocaster Squire Guitar $150, Yamaha weighted keyboard with pedal and stand $300