Making the Song: House Band and Weathervane Music Team Up To Record

In April, the Rock to the Future House Band went into Miner Street Studios to record their original song, Without You, with the help of Weathervane Music Organization and Blind Melon’s Rogers Stevens.

While the whole band helped write the song, guitarist Marc wrote the melody and vocalist Alexus wrote the lyrics. Alexus says that she was inspired by her experiences, and wanted to write a song about the ways that her friendships have evolved and changed through high school.

Weathervane Music Organization helped the House Band record and mix Without You professionally at Miner Street Recordings, right around the corner from RTTF headquarters. Band members had a first-hand lesson in the technology and techniques involved in recording a single. You can check out their hard work, and download Without You from Bandcamp.

Rogers Stevens, the guitarist of legendary alt-rock band Blind Melon, stopped by the studio to help the House Band come up with their awesome guitar solos. It’s not every day that the House Band gets to collaborate with a musician whose songs they cover!

Rogers and the House Band performed Without You as part of their set together during the Music for All Ball after their behind-the-scenes video.

The House Band aren’t the only RTTF students heading to the studios to record – all of the MusiCore After School students will record their original songs at Miner Street later this month.