Student Spotlight: Lily

“It’s really important because music is my outlet. A lot of people don’t have a way to let their emotions out and that’s partly why the world can be dangerous.” Lily, 17

Here at Rock to the Future, we strive to inspire passion for music and education. One of our many successes is 17 year old Lily Albright. Here is her story.

Lily’s story is a prime example of how music education can drastically improve an adolescent’s life. For years she struggled in school due to ADHD and dyslexia and experienced delays in her reading abilities. Lily expressed interest in music at an early age and at 10 years old began learning how to play the guitar through a family friend.

In 2011 when she moved on Philadelphia, Lily joined Rock to the Future. At the time, she was enrolled in an online educational program and had difficulty feeling motivated and keeping her grades up. Since joining Rock to the Future, Lily has seen several academic improvements. “I came here mid year, I was really behind and they caught me up. I didn’t have to repeat freshman year and now I attend a private Catholic vocational school,” Lily said. She is now studying cosmetology and makeup artistry at her current school and is on honor roll.

L ily has also grown tremendously as a musician in her 4 years at Rock to the Future. With the aid and support of Rock to the Future staff, volunteers, and peers she has expanded her talents to also include singing, bass, and drums. She has recently won the national scholarship to attend the Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop in Montana where she opened for Dweezil Zappa. “There were only 8 scholarship students from all over the world. I was the only girl, and I was the youngest. That was really cool,” Lily said of the experience.

Her phenomenal achievements during the workshop led to a $10,000 scholarship for Berklee College of Music’s online program, in which she is currently enrolled and taking college courses while still in high school.

You can give the gift of music to students like Lily by supporting Rock to the Future and our mission of providing free, contemporary music education for underserved Philadelphia youth. Give the gift of music today to inspire a youth for a brighter tomorrow!

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