Hear Original Songs from the MusiCore Student Bands

The 2017-2018 MusiCore recordings are here!

Every year, MusiCore Kensington student bands work together to write original songs in whatever style and genre they like. The songwriting process is hard— bands need to collaborate to write music and lyrics that everyone can jam to. As a result, every MusiCore song is as unique as the students that write them!

Then, the bands head to professional studios to record and mix their songs. MusiCore Kensington students spent three days at Miner Street Recordings. Their hard work payed off— it’s hard to put this album down! You can download all eight songs for free on the Rock to the Future Bandcamp page.

MusiCore’s pilot expansion location at Roosevelt Elementary in Germantown also got in on the action. The two student bands recorded at Rittenhouse Soundworks, and even recorded a remix! Their three songs are available to download on the Rock to the Future Bandcamp page. Check them out!

MusiCore will start back up in September. If you are interested in learning to play drums, guitar, bass guitar, or keyboards (plus forming a band, writing and recording music, and learning about music theory and digital music), register for the 2018-2019 MusiCore Kensington program.