Rockstar Rian- the Rock to the Future alum on college, creativity, and growing through music.

“Growing up can be weird. 

Sometimes as adults, we forget the challenges we face when discovering and developing ourselves, our coming of age. It’s important to explore our interests and have the confidence to fully express ourselves during this crucial time.

At Rock to the Future, uniqueness and diversity is celebrated, and personalities are given the opportunity to shine.

As a former student of the Philadelphia Public School District, I have unfortunately directly been impacted by budget cuts in the art departments of Philadelphia schools and know what it’s like to have a creative outlet be oppressed or limited. I was a shy kid that would shut myself away from people as I grew up. But because of the opportunities provided to me by Rock to the Future, I was able to really develop myself as an artist and dive deeper into the world of music, opening myself up and learning to express myself through something I was passionate about.

Not only was I able to benefit from this program by learning how to read music and play an instrument, I was also shown how to collaboratively work with others, perform and publicly speak, and improve my academic performance. I also took with me things that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life–I was able to enhance my interest in the music industry, I’ve bonded and made friendships with people who I now consider my RTTF family, and I value the importance of educating our youth and giving back to the community.

Because of the opportunities and experiences provided to me through Rock to the Future, 

I am able to continue my guided passion for music industry operations through my education provided at The University of the Arts, majoring in the Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology program and I plan to graduate this coming spring.

Without Rock to the Future and all the opportunities and support given to me, I’m not sure if any of this would have happened. I have this program to thank, it’s truly changed my life and I am sincerely grateful.”

– Rian Iwer