Once again, 100% of graduates

of Rock to the Future’s MusiCore After School Program have professional career plans for college, trade school, or the military.

In June, Rock to the Future awarded the third year of Higher Education Fund scholarships. The fund, established in honor of Jaime and Andrew Katz, provided $4,250 in scholarships to four graduating seniors from Rock to the Future’s MusiCore After School Program. The awards honor the students’ academic and personal achievements made in their time at Rock to the Future.

Keyboard student Camila is studying pre-med in Chicago.

Drummer Shem is pursuing an engineering career with the US Navy.

We’re so proud of these talented students. It’s always bittersweet to see a student graduate- because even though we miss rocking with them at MusiCore, it’s exciting to see them grow and flourish.

Learning to express yourself through music can be a powerful tool. As bass student Destiny said, “playing my bass guitar has brought more comfort and makes me understand that I am loved and appreciated. I try as often as I can to tell those that have helped me along the way that they are appreciated as well.”

Destiny joined Rock to the Future in September 2018, when the MusiCore Kensington program moved to Kensington High School. She had never played bass guitar before, but instantly fell in love with the instrument. Applying to colleges while navigating the foster care system was difficult, but Destiny felt supported by Rock to the Future’s staff and teachers. “Sometimes I just decide that I want to come. I fight my urge to stay home, and it makes more of a positive impact on me because the setting is a lot smaller than the environment during school days. I love the feeling I get when I arrive; it kind of feels like I can leave all of my problems.”

Drummer and guitarist Ethan is studying audio engineering at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Bassist Destiny is enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia.

At Rock to the Future, we know that the lessons that students learn on stage can apply throughout their lives. That’s why our programs are completely free for underserved Philadelphia youth. At Rock to the Future, students learn that being a rockstar requires dedication, practice, and hard work. As a result, Rock to the Future students are prepared to take on any stage.

All photographs by Chris Kendig Photography