Listen to this year’s student songs

Every year, Rock to the Future students head into the recording studio to professionally record their original songs.

MusiCore student bands vary as widely as the students in them, and it shows! This year’s tracks cover genres from hip hop to metal. The songs are free to stream and download, so find your summer jam!

Teamwork plays an important role in any band, and Rock to the Future’s student bands are no exception. Rock to the Future students need to work together to write a song, perfect their parts, and play on stage. As a result, students learn that success depends on working together to build the best team.

MusiCore Germantown

Students from MusiCore Germantown recorded their original songs at Retro City Studios, where they got a look behind the scenes in a professional studio. Their album has four tracks that were written separately but flow together to create a view of life as a student living in Philadelphia in 2019 – the album blends the infectious joy of “I Like to Rock” with the pressure and frustration of “School Stress” and explores the effects of gun and police violence in “Solutions” and “Equals.”

MusiCore Kensington

The MusiCore Kensington bands get political too, in songs like “Collateral Damage” and “8 Foot Man,” gets romantic with “The Dove,” and gets romantic about food with “Milkshaek.” There are two instrumental tracks on the album- “When I Saw You” and “Don’t Worry.” MusiCore Kensington students recorded their songs at Miner Street Recordings, where the Student House Band recorded their original songs “Coldstone” and “Without You.”

MusiCore will start back up in September. If you are interested in learning to play drums, guitar, bass guitar, or keyboards (plus forming a band, writing and recording music, and learning about music theory and digital music), register for a 2019-2020 MusiCore program.

All photographs by Chris Kendig Photography