5 Questions with Khemist, Music for All Ball’s Headliner

Rock to the Future received the opportunity to pick Khemist’s brain. Khemist is the headlining performer for our upcoming Music for All Ball. This year, we celebrate what it means to be “Born to Shine”. For Khemist, it includes “acknowledging the great people who raised me and all that they have overcome.”

We believe that through the transformative power of music, economic empowerment, and resource support, we cultivate pathways to brighter futures — because every young person deserves the chance to shine Join us in celebrating our students’ shine at our annual fundraiser, Music for All Ball, on April 20, 2024, at World Cafe Live. Buy tickets here.

Read our interview with Khemist below – and then promptly head to your favorite streaming service and listen to his latest work. Trust us – you will be floored.