Be An Instrument for Change: Reason8

Every day, as we see rising violence and trauma impacting young people, we are reminded of the pressing need for change in our communities. Rock to the Future proudly stands as a Community Arts Leader grounded in more than a decade of providing proven transformative music, academic, and developmental opportunities that work! As we grow our program to double the number of students served this year, we urgently call on you to join our efforts and Be an Instrument for Change!

Being one means being intentional about using your resources to invest in young people's futures. It means recognizing yourself as a powerful resonator capable of shifting realities. 

Resonation is a defining element of an instrument.  It happens when the vibrations of one object cause a second object with a similar vibrating frequency to start vibrating at a higher frequency. Likewise, when humans resonate, we connect through shared experience, developing compassion, empathy, and understanding, and those qualities drive our actions to create a better world for all.

What’s your reason for resonating with us?

Because of your support, we are doing incredible work beyond music education. In addition to exciting music opportunities, our programs offer higher education and academic support, pathways to professional careers, individual resource assistance, and social-emotional learning at no cost to participants. We also develop unique partnerships with organizations such as the Juvenile Justice Center and the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, so we can directly serve students impacted by crime. 

With that said, we won’t just give you a reason – we will give you 8 reasons to resonate, aka REASON8. Tune in each week as we share fascinating new stories demonstrating our work's impact.


We challenge you to find the reason that most resonates with you, then choose to invest in our work by donating to our fundraiser – Be An Instrument for Change! The impact of your resonating qualities will amplify our program's quality and capability and be a critical part of helping young people vibrate higher. Together, with you as an instrument for change, we will make beautiful sounds that create a beautiful ballad for change. 

Invest in young people’s Futures today. All Donations up to $50,000 will be matched.

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What is “Be an Instrument for Change”?

Be an Instrument for change is the campaign title for Rock to the Future current fundraiser. Rock to the Future calls on all supporters to be an instrument for change by supporting our current work by donating by Dec 31, 2022 at Link. All donations will be matched up to $50,000. 

An instrument for change is someone who intentionally shares their resources to pursue an aim to make a change in an area they are passionate about transforming. Rock to the Future’s Instruments for Change are changemakers in music education, higher education, and fostering opportunities to support students impacted by crime and poverty.

What is Reason8?

The word Resonate has various meanings in this campaign

The first is the challenge for Rock to the Future supporters to find the part of our program that resonates most with them - What reason do you resonate with?

The second metaphorically compares the musical definition of resonation with human exchange. Resonance is an essential component of the physics of an instrument (Be an Instrument For Change). Whenever the vibrations of one object cause a second object with similar frequencies to start vibrating, the second object is said to be resonating with the first. This resonating part of the instrument helps to determine many important aspects of the instrument's sound, and they connect in meaningful ways which drive impactful outcomes.

The third meaning of the word Resonate is a play on words that combines the first and second meanings mentioned above. There are 8 weeks in the campaign, and each week we will release new content that focuses on a program area or new reason. When you put Reason (what’s your reason to resonate) and 8 (8-week campaign countdown)  together, you get Reason8 (resonate). 

How will the funds raised support our mission?

Through music, we provide a bridge to well-being, professional pathways and economic empowerment, and violence reduction. As we continue our high-impact existing programs, new priorities include: 

Providing more access: Grow our MobileMusic locations in areas impacted by violence and poverty, with a focus on new areas that lack access to current locations due to distance (West Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia). We anticipate adding 5+ locations this year and an additional 5+ the following year. 

Reducing violence and recidivism: Strengthen our Juvenile Justice Center pipeline for when youth are released from the facility to provide an ongoing support system and workforce development opportunities.

Increasing economic empowerment: Strengthen our Ready for the Future program by providing additional paid workforce and skill development opportunities, additional college and trade school supports, and partnership building to provide additional financial resources for our youth to achieve professional pathways.

Increasing overall well-being: Strengthen our holistic support through individual assistance with housing, health, food, and other youth and families' needs.