Rocking from home – online resources for civics and mindfulness

With all the news flying around, it can be hard to keep your head. These online resources can help you identify trustworthy news sources, keep centered, and place the news in the context of history and civic structures.

Newsfeed Defenders - a free game to help you identify trusted news sources online.

GoNoodle - free videos with health and wellness activities. Try yoga, mindfulness activities, or get hygiene tips.

Facing History - free stories about important topics, like racism, immigration, bullying, and human rights. Stories end with questions to spark thought.

Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case - a free game that explores primary sources: "Play as Jo Wilder, a scrappy girl who spends her days with her pet badger Teddy and her grandpa, a historian. When some mysterious artifacts show up at the History Museum, you must unravel the clues to find the real stories behind the artifacts."