Rocking from home – experiment with digital music

One of our favorite MusiCore After School blocks is the Creative Maker Lab. (Actually, maybe all blocks are our favorite.) Students explore all kinds of self-directed projects, including graphic design, stage presence, and digital music production. Some of our MobileMusic Workshops also teach digital music production. Using a computer to make music is really fun, because you can easily experiment with different sounds. Here are some websites to help you create songs, beats, and samples on a computer or smartphone.

Blokdust - digital synthesizer that lets you create unique tones using shapes that interact with each other. Take the tour when you open the program, and then experiment with the sounds!

Requires: internet connection, desktop or tablet.

Noteflight - compose songs on a traditional sheet music interface. You can layer sounds, experiment with rhythm, and more.

Requires: internet connection. You can register for a free account using your email, Facebook account, or Google account. Works with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Sampulator - create loops and samples using your computer keyboard! This website is very simple and fun, and you can record and playback the loops you make.

Requires: internet connection, computer. A limited demo version is available on the website for tablet and smartphone.

One Motion Drum Machine - experiment with beats with this digital drum machine. One Motion lets you build beats from simple to complex.

Requires: internet connection. Works with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Groovebox - free app that lets you experiment with synths and drum machines.

Requires: tablet or smartphone with iOS (Apple product).

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