Volunteer Scott on Rock to the Future

I'm a big fan of the work that Rock to the Future does, and I'm so fortunate that a friend let me know about the organization! I volunteer at the Kensington High School location.

I love seeing how beneficial the program is for our students. They grow tremendously as musicians, learning to play a variety of instruments, as well as working on their songwriting skills. And they get the experience of playing in bands with other musicians, which has a transformative effect on their beliefs about what is possible for them to accomplish with music, as well as on their ability to collaborate with others. The students get better so much faster by playing music with other people.


Week after week, Rock to the Future helps students increase their self-efficacy. The students learn that the combination of their own hard work and the support of the staff enables the students to accomplish things that matter to them, both in music and non-music related contexts.

Indeed, I appreciate how committed the Rock to the Future staff is to supporting students. It's clear how much the staff cares, and their impact goes far beyond the technical music skills the students learn. The students gain confidence to take on new challenges and build their courage. Whether it's committing to the work to get better at playing a song, taking on difficult school assignments, applying to colleges, or anything else the student cares about, the Rock to the Future community is a source of strength and encouragement for students.

And it's not just the staff. It is heartening to see the students push each other to try harder, celebrate each others' successes, and be there for each other through the inevitable ups and downs in the learning process. I am so glad to be involved with Rock to the Future.


- MusiCore Kensington volunteer Scott A.

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