“It just made me feel more at home.”

When we think about rock stars, we think about Ethan.

Now in his senior year, Ethan has been at Rock to the Future since 2011. At the MusiCore Kensington year end showcase in June, Ethan received more than a round of applause – Ethan won an academic award for his high grades, and he was gifted a double bass pedal to help his heavy metal drumming. He hasn’t let the awards get to his head though. He’s busy looking at colleges to study music, performing in the Student House Band, and playing drums in a band outside of Rock to the Future.

Ethan receiving an academic award for his junior year grades.

The 2018-2019 Student House Band ad Jacobs Music.

Ethan is a multi-instrumentalist; though he started off playing drums, he puts equal weight on playing the guitar.  Along with the Student House Band, Ethan helped write the original song “Find What You’re Loosing” with Blind Melon guitarist Rogers Stevens.  

“I would say without Rock to the Future I wouldn’t be where I am now. It just made me feel more at home.”

Ethan has been in the Student House Band for six years. The House Band relies on teamwork to perform and write songs, which Ethan says usually goes smoothly. “If I just listen to a song I try to take a part of it or an element from that and turn it into my version. That’s kind of how it works.”

When Ethan joined Rock to the Future, his only musical experience was a video game – The Beatles: Rock Band. But his mom suspected that “he had drums in his soul.” When she saw an ad for MusiCore, she knew it would be a great way to encourage Ethan’s creativity. Now, Ethan is an accomplished drummer and guitarist, and he has made lasting friendships with other students in the program. 

“Because of Rock to the Future, I know my son has a future filled with friends and music. He will work at a job he will love –something that I’ve worried about for years… I am not afraid anymore. That’s what every parent wants. That was Rock to the Future’s gift to me.
-Karen C., Ethan’s mom