Learn, Grow, and Rock – measuring our impact

Rock to the Future is excited to share our supporter impact report for the 2020-2021 school year! This past year has been challenging and exciting in equal measure. Thanks to your support, we were able to reach more Philadelphia students than ever before with free music programs and academic help.

Read the full impact report to measure the impact you had for Philly students this year: Supporter Impact Report 2020-2021

Last school year, Rock to the Future's volunteers, team, and supporters helped 523 Philadelphia students to learn, grow, and rock! That's over 500 students who experienced the magic of learning music through our free and accessible programs - 75% of who would not otherwise had access to learn music. We worked with over 20 school and community partners to provide fun, enriching, and equitable music programs.

Our volunteers rock! Over the past school year, volunteers provided 336 hours of personalized, one-on-one academic support and instrument help. On top of that, 8 professional Philly musicians spent 98 hours writing and recording original songs with students in the Create with a Pro Musician class! Thank you to all the rockstar volunteers who helped Philly students to grow this year!

To help students learn from home, Rock to the Future gave students 244 instruments to keep - at no cost. Having an instrument at home is an important tool for growth and creative expression!

Taking the stage takes confidence. The value of music education lies not only in learning how to play, but in nurturing a performer who is willing to take the risk and step out on stage. Every year our students play live in front of their friends, family, and community - last school year, Rock to the Future students took part in 7 virtual performances.

We're so proud of out 2021 graduates! This past school year was tough, but our seniors pushed through, worked hard, and are on to the next stage. Once again, 100% of MusiCore After School graduates are pursuing post-secondary education, like college or trade school.