Music for All Ball is a Resounding Success

Rock to the Future "Plays for Peace" at Music for All Ball

Raising $110,000 to Support Peaceful Ecosystems for Philly Youth

In a world often marked by discord and division, the universal language of music emerges as a beacon of unity and healing. This is precisely what Music for All Ball achieved in its latest milestone event. With the resounding theme of "Playing for Peace" and a star-studded lineup of performers, including Rock to the Future students, The Bacon Brothers, Sug Daniels, Natasha Felder, Reef the Lost Cauze, and emcee Quentin Miller, this extraordinary gala wasn't just a celebration of music; it was a testament to the power of harmony and the commitment to change lives. In this blog, we'll take you on a captivating journey through Music for All Ball's remarkable successes and the transformative impact of "Playing for Peace."

Raising $110,000 for Change: Music for All Ball hit a high note by raising an impressive $110,000, a testament to the collective belief in the power of music to change lives. These funds will be instrumental in expanding programs to areas impacted by violence and within the Juvenile Justice Services Center, offering a lifeline to youth who deserve a brighter future.

The Resounding Theme "Playing for Peace" Unveiled: Playing for Peace" encapsulated the evening's purpose — to use music not only as a form of entertainment but as a means of advocating for peace, unity, and positive change. The theme underscored Music for All Ball's mission to address the challenges of violence and unrest in our communities, offering a message of hope through music.



A Star-Studded Lineup:  Rock to the Future Students took the stage, showcasing their dedication and the transformative power of music education. Philly legends,  The Bacon Brothers, graced the event with their presence and their hit "Philly Thing," produced in collaboration with RTTF students, further amplifying the evening's message of unity. Rising local talent Sug Daniels mesmerized the audience with their soulful melodies and a commitment to positive change. Board member Natasha Felder lent her support and talent, contributing to the evening's atmosphere of inspiration. And local rap legend Reef the Lost Cauze brought his unique voice and energy to the stage, adding to the diverse musical tapestry of the event.

Gathering for a Purpose: Music for All Ball provided an exceptional opportunity for supporters and music lovers to gather and connect with a shared goal — to make a difference through music. Attendees had the chance to network, collaborate, and find common ground, reinforcing the idea that music can bridge divides and foster unity.

Rock to the Future family attends Music for all Ball and pose with guitars.


Music for All Ball's triumphant celebration of "Playing for Peace" serves as a reminder that music is more than just entertainment; it's a powerful force for change and healing. With an impressive fundraising effort of $110,000, this event has set the stage for transformative programs in areas impacted by violence and within the Juvenile Justice Services Center. The star-studded lineup, including Rock to the Future students, The Bacon Brothers, Sug Daniels, Natasha Felder, and Reef the Lost Cauze, illustrated the diverse and unifying power of music. As we reflect on this remarkable night, we are reminded that when we play for peace, we harmonize hope, and together, we can create a better world through the universal language of music.



Special thank you to all Music for All Sponsors for believieng in the Magic of Music with us and for helping to make this year's Music for All Ball one to remember. Thank you: MOR Wealth Management, John and Adele Cummins, Justamere Foundation, Circle Thrift, Nexa, Rob and Stacey Katz, EisnerAmper, The Mastermind Coop, Ceisler Media, Brolik, Russo Music, Port Richmond Bank, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Save the date for our next Music for All Ball, happening Saturday, April 20, 2023 at World Cafe Live. Interesting and sponsoring or supporting this event? Contact our Institutional Relations Manager at
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