Rock to the Future’s Impact Report Reveals Pathways to Brighter Futures

Rock to the Future students Happy on stage

Every number in our impact report tells a story, but beyond the figures, it's essential to reflect on the profound meaning of "impact." For many young individuals in Philadelphia, access to after-school and music education programs isn't just about learning chords or scales; they are the keys to unlocking potential, nurturing dreams, and fostering the growth of young minds.  For Rock to the Future, impact is our driving force. It's the heartbeat of our mission, as we aim to support lifelong wellbeing for youth, by providing a supportive and safe space for students to chart their pathways to a brighter future, and embrace the power of music to heal, inspire, and guide them.


"About two years two months into program, she passed. I lost my therapist, my supporter, my best friend, my mom, dude. When I tell you I was down in the dumps, I couldn't get out of bed half the time but I came here and I felt rejuvenated. I felt life breathed back into me. I come here to Rock to the Future, and I feel like I'm with my mom. I feel like Rock to the Future is a gift from her and I wouldn't be here without you guys. I've learned that it is good to have people by your side who want to see you win. That's a beautiful thing and that's something not a lot of people have." - Student



We are thrilled to share with you our latest impact report, "Guiding Pathways to Brighter Futures through the Power of Music." In this report, we delve into the impact that Rock to the Future has had on the lives of young people, exploring how our programs are designed to support pathways to peaceful ecosystems, pathways to economic empowerment, and pathways to holistic wellness. Here are some highlights: 


A Year of Growth and Exanding Access: We are proud to announce that we have served a remarkable 800 students (300 more than last year!) from high need zipcodes, representing 55 schools.  

Paid Opportunities for Students: Empowering the Future:  Through our partnership with the Philadelphia Youth Network's WorkReady program we’re thrilled to share that more than $46,000 was distributed to our students for participating in creative skill development sessions. 

Supporting Transformation at the Juvenile Justice Service Center:  We expanded program to serve 60 youth, boys, providing creative outlets and also strengthening our systems to support reentry into community. 

Rock to the Future students Happy on stage


In the Spotlight with the Bacon Brothers, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift: One of our most exciting achievements this year was recording and debuting a song with the Bacon Brothers. Kevin Bacon then invited us to be featured on the Kelly Clarkson show to share our story! Later that season VisitPhilly selected us as a recipient to receive $26,000 and invited our students to perform as the official welcome gift for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, a gift they wanted to impact musical journeys in Philly. 

Investing in Futures: Perhaps the most heartwarming statistic of all is that 100% of our Musicore graduates are pursuing college or trade school. We provided scholarships and laptops to support their dreams, and we're incredibly proud of their accomplishments.



This impact report is not just a collection of data; they are the stories of young people whose lives are transformed by music, mentorship, and community. As we invite you to explore our full impact report, we hope you'll join us in celebrating these achievements and the pathways to brighter futures that we've collectively forged. Together, we can continue to make a difference, empowering more young individuals to reach their full potential and harmonizing lives through the transformative power of music.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We couldn't do it without you.