More programs, new partners – Summer 2022!

We have some incredible things happening this summer!

This is the first summer we are offering our in-person programs in Germantown! AND we have grown our summer camps to operate 4 full weeks (2 in Kensington, 2 in Germantown). Students learn guitar, bass, drums, piano, write original music with peers in a band, and create in the MakeLab.  Our summer programs now also include Ready for the Future, which includes guest speakers from Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, Vote that Jawn, and other lifeskill development opportunities.

Last summer, our CEO mentioned to a colleague in the OCF office how we wanted to provide paid workforce and skill development opportunities for our students. In the fall, she sent us an application for the Philadelphia Youth Network partnership. In early 2022, we were accepted as partners.

One year later, we have 55 teens receiving paid skill development opportunities in our music programs and will distribute $50,000+ to young people this summer. Students are learning responsibility, skills like sound production and graphic design, filling out and submitting a "time sheet", and so much more. The power of hard work and partnership bring a vision to reality!

We also excited to provide our exciting music programs for wonderful community partners! This summer, we are serving young people at:

Community partnership is the key to greater impact!