Here’s Why Fundraising Events Still MATTER!

Should you attend or shan’t you? That is the question many of us are pondering as invitations come in the mail and fill our inboxes, inviting us to support the organizations we so dutifully care about. When we gather for the ball, gala, or golf tournament, we not only come together to make a financial impact, but we widen the network of people who are aware of equity issues that exist in our backyards.


The pandemic impacts us all, but consider its impact on the communities already in need before the pandemic. The challenges these communities face have likely compounded, and they need us to come together more than ever. 


The creative and technological support that allowed virtual engagement to become a “thing” has offered unanticipated strengths: a safe opportunity for those to continue support, plus access for those who are not able to attend an event in-person to now join in on the fun. Hybrid and virtual events are here to stay.


And fundraising events matter! It matters when you have the opportunity to see the programming you care about inaction. It matters when you can connect with the organization’s leaders one-on-one. It matters for your voice and your “why” to be understood. And it matters to be able to connect with like-minded people and amplify your impact.

Your support matters to Rock to the Future. Every dollar received from ticket sales, silent auction purchases, sponsorships, and general donations are integral in keeping our programs free for our current students and allowing us to dream bigger and strengthen our programs and partnerships.

That is why this year, we are bringing our annual Music for All Ball back on March 25, 2022, both in-person and virtually. It will be a fantastic night filled with food, drinks, conversation, performances from Blues Legend Georgie Bonds, emceed by visionary Will Toms, and of course, featured performances from our Rock to the Future students.


Have a ball with us in-person at World Cafe Live or virtually to see why we are passionate, see our students in action, and support our mission. We have worked diligently to ensure a safe and memorable night for all who attend.

Now, when you ask yourselves, should you attend or shan’t you, we hope the answer is a resounding YES. Because your support and attending fundraising events, in-person or virtually, still MATTER for the communities we serve.

We look forward to seeing you there. 

To purchase your tickets for Rock to the Future’s annual Music for All Ball, please visit our event website.