Higher Education Scholarship Winners – $6,000 to graduating seniors

Congratulations to the winners of Rock to the Future's 2021 scholarships! This year, we gave $6,000 to graduating seniors to help with the costs of pursuing higher education.

All graduating seniors also got a new laptop to help with schoolwork. Once again, all of the graduating seniors who participated in the MusiCore After School program are headed to higher education, like college or trade school.

"The Rock to the Future’s Ready for the Future Club not only prepared me for college, but has also given me a purpose to succeed further in life. Hearing from [nursing student and Rock to the Future graduate Cheyenne] really helped me decide which college I wanted to pursue. I was undecided at first where I wanted to go, but hearing her experiences at the college she went to finally made me pick Thomas Jefferson University as the college that I would attend this fall.

Overall, the Ready for the Future Club was a perfect fit for me because I was struggling to find scholarships online. But after I joined this program, I have applied to over 12 scholarships through the links which Ms. Kaami has provided.

Participating in the Rock to the Future guitar class has sharpened my concentration skills, helped me remember information better, and also has relieved my stress. Practicing my guitar skills almost everyday has helped me prosper overall as a person. And turning my mic on once a week and showing off my guitar skills also gave me a boost of confidence to not be afraid to express my talents.

Jessalyn M

We're so proud of our seniors, and we're excited to see what they accomplish!

At Rock to the Future, we know that the lessons that students learn on stage can apply throughout their lives. That’s why our programs are completely free for Philadelphia youth. At Rock to the Future, students learn that being a rockstar requires dedication, practice, and hard work. As a result, Rock to the Future students are prepared to take on any stage.


Support for Rock to the Future's Higher Education Fund comes from FS Investments, The Hamilton Family Charitable Trust, and the Katz Family. You rock!