We’re Growing – Rock to the Future’s New Look

Drumroll please.

After eight years, Rock to the Future is getting a makeover. We think that our new logo, designed by Brolik, perfectly captures the excitement and nervousness of stepping into the spotlight, taking a deep breath, and showing off your hard work on stage for all to see.

Our new logo, courtesy of Brolik.

As nice as a makeover is, the changes to Rock to the Future this year are more than cosmetic. In 2018:
  • Rock to the Future is operating the MobileMusic program in six Philadelphia schools, providing music programs to nearly 200 students during the school day that otherwise had their funding for music programs reduced or cut.

  • The GuitarStars summer camp was so popular, Rock*A*Delphia was opened to 12 year olds in order to accommodate demand. Both summer camps are free for underserved Philadelphia kids and teens.

  • We opened a second MusiCore location in Roosevelt Elementary School in Germantown. Adding MusiCore Germantown has doubled the reach of the MusiCore after school program, and this location accepts students in grades 4 – 8, meaning that students can stay involved with Rock to the Future’s ambitious after-school program for a longer period of time than ever before.

  • Rock to the Future is excited to strengthen our partnership with the School District of Philadelphia as we grow. Our MusiCore Kensington location recently moved to Kensington High School, bringing music back to the school and serving students from all over Philadelphia.

MusiCore Kensington uses Kensington High School’s stage for band practice. Session mixers from our partnership with Reverb Gives let two bands practice at the same time; bands plug their instruments and headphones into the same mixer and can only hear each other. Meanwhile, volunteer mentor Syderick helps students with their essays in the homework room in Kensington High School’s library.

  • We want our staff to grow along with our programs. We train our staff and teachers in trauma informed practices, classroom management, and other mentoring skills. Our staff builds a support system for students’ social and emotional development that allows kids to try new things in a safe space.

  • The MusiCore program recently received a multi-year grant from United Way. Rock to the Future was honored to be recognized as one of the organization’s supporting United Way’s goals of ending intergenerational poverty by keeping youth connected to school.
  • Students saw huge academic success while they strengthened their social skills and musical ability. Once again, all of our graduating MusiCore seniors started college this fall, and the Higher Education Fund provided $3,000 in scholarships.

  • Student bands had unique experiences with music industry professionals. The Rock to the Future House Band wrote and recorded an original song with Blind Melon guitarist Rogers Stevens, performed with musicians at the Music for All Ball, and were featured in Revolver magazine for their collaboration with shoegaze band Nothing.

Rock to the Future’s in-school, after-school, and summer programs use music as the foundation for kids and teens to learn life skills that help them grow. Studies show that music education is not only a positive outlet for emotion, but also improves executive functions (memory, organization, planning, and self-monitoring) which build academic confidence and self-esteem.

These are just some highlights from this year- every time a Rock to the Future student masters a new drum beat, aces their biology homework, captures their feelings with song lyrics, or strengthens a friendship, Rock to the Future thrives. Whether a student learns in-school, after-school, or over the summer, Rock to the Future students learn that being a rock star requires dedication, practice, and hard work. We’re excited to keep growing. Thank you for growing with us!